Our Grill Sticks are made from American Red Oak that’s grown here, milled here, and crafted into the final product here -- in the U.S. of A.
So from my family to yours,
Thank you and happy grilling!

Welcome to the home of The Original Grill Stick

Care: Hand wash with a mild detergent, rinse and then dry right away.
Occasionally rub in some food grade mineral oil to keep the wood
from drying out. Or don't do that last part. If you're like me, you
probably won't remember to do so and it really won't cause any damage if you don't.
But don't say I didn't put it in the directions.

Last but not least, look, don't be an idiot and leave this thing unattended
on a burning grill. IT'S MADE OF WOOD!
Oh, and my lawyer wanted me to add that you should be wearing
heat resistant gloves while using this. My lawyer doesn't grill. He lawyer's.
I don't wear gloves when using mine, because America.
Happy Grilling!

Directions for use:

Look, it's a grill scraper. You know what to do here.
1. Get your grill super hot and scrape the junk off. Repeated use on hot grill grates will burn permanent grooves onto the Original Grill Stick making in easier to use over time. 
2. Be proud that you aren't leaving any nasty wire bristles to get onto your family's food.
3. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes.